Have you ever been in a relationship where the first stage was amazing (everything seemed to click) but soon enough, the relationship kind of fizzled out?What about a relationship where you wanted to keep the energy between you going, but didn’t know how?And what if I told you that gleaning insights from Quantum Physics could translate directly to helping you fix these problems (as well as your love life)?Sound crazy? Well, it’s not.On this episode we’ll be talking about three things: Love, Authenticity, and Quantum Physics.In this episode of The Art of Authenticity, I talk with Laura Berman – the author of Quantum Love and Uncovered – about how Quantum Physics can be used to have better relationships.From deconstructing growth experiences, understanding how quantum physics can actually improve your love life, and fastening the link between imperfection and authenticity, trust me, you’ll enjoy this episode.In this Podcast, You’ll Learn:

  • How To Tune in to Yourself and Fix Your “Frequency” (Your Personal Energy and Emotional State)

  • Why Life is All About One Thing: A. F. G. E.

  • The Stages of Love and How to Make Love Last Before It Burns Out

Want more information from Laura Berman you can find here here -http://drlauraberman.com/

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