Don’t we all want to be seen? Don’t all of us want to feel that we matter? When we don’t feel we are seen or we matter, we often spend our lives attempting to fill that need through other means: chasing success, money, substances. And unfortunately, none of that replaces the deeper need that was not met.Dr. Shefali’s conscious parenting movement is designed to help parents learn how to help their children feel seen without sacrificing the success of the child. Parents love their children, but their hopes, dreams, and fears can inadvertently diminish the child and leave them less successful.When a child doesn’t feel seen, they split off to protect their authentic self. Is that you? Are you still protecting that deeper self? This episode is helpful for anyone who wants to parent the whole child OR for someone who struggles to find their deeper self and isn’t sure why. Perhaps you were not seen and in an attempt to survive you lost your connection to your deeper self.Tune in to hear what I believe is the most important movement in parenting and incredibly enlightening information for anyone who isn’t feeling authentic and doesn’t know where it all began. Check out her latest book Awakened Family to learn the tools to revolutionize your family.

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