We all have habits. Some are productive and some are not. A lot of them are unconscious. How do we get our bad habits out of our lives and good ones in?I hate sit-ups. I hate doing sit ups and I even hate thinking about sit-ups. Even when someone mentions sit-ups I feel unhappy. Why? What is so bad about a sit-up? I mean I am groaning in my head before I do the first sit-up.I have a really bad habit in the way I view a simple exercise. I don’t remember succeeding at anything with the attitude I bring to sit-ups. I have to change how I view sit-ups. What if I got on the floor, noticed my instant negative thinking and decided to embrace the dreaded sit-up?Well, I did. I got on the floor this morning with my negativity and took a deep breath. Ok, what else could I think about when it comes to a sit-up?• It is less than 5 minutes of work.• I can do it at home.• I won’t even break a sweat.• I will be so happy when I have one ab muscle.And from here I did my sit-ups and they were not nearly as bad as my complaining. Honestly, what is worse- listening to myself go on and on about sit-ups or the tiny bit of pain associated with the 5 minutes of work?Somewhere along the way I unconsciously picked up the habit of complaining about sit-ups. Maybe it was a gym teacher who made me do too many sit-ups one day? I really don’t know. Whatever the case, I just had a bad habit.Today, I did sit-ups, noticed I wanted to complain in the same ways and stopped. I thought of reasons that sit-ups were helpful and how great I would feel in 5 minutes.I finished them and I cannot say I love them, but I did not hate them either. Each day my old habit will lose it’s strength and my new habit will grow stronger.