Your Truth is Waiting to Be Unlocked. Here’s the Key.


Your Truth is Waiting to Be Unlocked. Here’s the Key.


Open the door to an authentic life—with coaching

Our internal sense—that sense that we call our “guided intuition”—is where our truth resides.

But sometimes, listening to that truth, hearing it, and knowing where to even begin can be hard. And in our dizzying world, sometimes, it can feel impossible.

How do you be authentic? How do you listen and know what that your “authentic self” even is? And how do we connect to that space and really live from it, day-in and day-out?

The truth is, we’re disconnected from ourselves—and for most of us, we need help finding that space again. And not just finding that space—but living it.

Over the last few years, I’ve been on a journey to find and live from that space. And what I’ve learned is that when we live a life that’s authentic, we get to live a life that’s filled with joy, meaning, purpose, and deep alignment.

But through all of this, I discovered something else, something that changed everything I thought was possible about what it means to live authentically. And that discovery was the Akashic Records—which, simply put, is a streamlined way we can all systematically listen to our truths.

With the Akashic Records, you can learn how to access an energetic space where your soul’s history is stored, all your experiences are compiled, and—from that space—learn to gather a direct connection to it.

And what makes it so unique? It reveals the lessons we need to move forward in this life, right now, wherever we’re at. My coaching helps you get a crystal clear signal to those lessons—and teaches you how to connect with it, get the right information you need (for whatever you’re facing), and really act on it in your real, everyday life.

Whether you want to make an important decision in your relationship or career, find a new job, deepen your work into a calling, find a sense of inner peace, remove emotional obstacles, reduce stress, or just be and act from a space of deep authenticity, I can help.

All you have to do is start.


The Accelerator: The Akashic Records can unlock your best self

The Aksashic Records is a direct connection to an energetic field of your soul’s history—and everything’s that revealed here is calibrated to what you need, right now, right at this moment. We all have lessons we need to learn—lessons that are holding us back, lessons we can’t see.

The Akashic Records is a way to see those lessons—and unlock the door to our best selves.

The best part—anyone can do it. I’ve been studying authenticity for awhile, and this—above and beyond—has unlocked the next level. Accessing this field has been exceptionally healing for my life, and plus, to be frank, it feels great.

While I can’t explain precisely how this works, through my own experiences (with clients) I know that it does work, takes just minutes, and acts like an accelerator for personal growth.

To be clear: this is, without a doubt, the most effective part of my own healing journey—and since it’s been the best part of my own self exploration, I just really want to share this as widely as I can.

And not only that: you’ll never get anything more than you can handle. The information you get comes with zero judgement—because the only reason we’re here is to learn lessons about ourselves and grow into those lessons. And once you do that, everything else fits into place—the relationships, the career blocks, and your emotions.

It’s the best tool I know of connecting to your truth—one that you can use over and over and over again—and I can’t wait to share it with you.


Why Me?

I’ve helped numerous clients live and connect to their deepest truths. I’ve fused what I love about philosophy and spirituality—and helped people form their best, most authentic selves. But, even more relevantly, I know how to help people because it’s a journey I’ve walked down myself.

I know what a life is when it’s not connected to your truth. I know what it’s like to be disconnected from my authentic voice—all while trying to craft a life that feels as good as it looks.

Whether it’s running my own multi-million dollar business to teaching yoga, I’ve been through an emotional roller coaster. Yet, while I was leading a life that made sense on paper—that looked successful—I wasn’t leading a life that was connected to my truth. I was living by the edge of everyone’s expectations—everyone, of course, except my own.

And that’s why I’m here. My quest to discover a better, more authentic life transformed me—and it can transform you too. If you’re interested in getting personal guidance on how to fix your own issues, send me an email. It’s all there: one-on-one guidance, personalized plans, built-in accountability, and timely check-ins.

Because whatever issues you’re facing, the root lies at your authentic truth. I’ll show you how to see it—all you have to do, then, is get started.



When you sign up for a coaching package, you’ll get:

The Red, Yellow, Green Framework

A framework to reconnect with your truth, wherever you are, on-the-go.

Tools to Connect with Your Truth For The Rest of Your Life

After you’re done with coaching, I won’t just help you on your coaching session. You’ll have the tools to do this, on your own, for the rest of your life.

Target the Narratives That Are Holding You Back

We all have narratives—cycles of thought, emotion, and belief—that hold us back from living our best life. We’ll specifically dig in, and target the 2 that are holding you back the most. And then, we’ll change them for the better.

The Akashic Records + The Key Deep Dive

We’ll open up 3 records, fine-tune the message to you with metaphor and language that resonates, and we’ll make sure that you leave with a complete way to access your truth—every single day.

We are fully booked again!

Because I’m fully booked through 2027, I wanted to share some options to connect you to your Records and the guidance you need now.

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Option 1: The Still Point (New!)

I want to invite you to join me for The Still Point, a new bi-weekly Akashic Record community launching August 2nd.

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Option 2: Learn to access your Akashic Records

Come in community to Laura’s intro class where you can learn how to access your Akashic Records

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Option 3: Enjoy a reading from Laura’s trusted and trained Akashic Record Readers(the folks she gets her readings from)

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