Why is that I can go to a yoga class that nearly breaks my body into 100 pieces, sweat like I just took a shower and wake up the next morning unable to move a muscle and sign up for another class the next day?Physical discomfort from exercise is somehow acceptable. In fact, it is seen as a sign of strength. I am sore. I worked out and I am building muscle. Soreness is building strength. I will be better off for my pain.What if I worked out my emotional life such that I felt fear, pain, and anxiety? Aren’t I getting stronger for facing my emotional life? Emotional workouts that break me into pieces are seen a weakness. We need to stop the emotional pain that occurs from pushing into our emotional world. But how do we grow emotional muscle if we do not workout it out?Emotional discomfort is shameful. I am not worthy. I do not deserve. I am not good enough. Who do I think I am? We must mask these experiences from others and ourselves.Emotional pain is part of life. If we are living we are experiencing the voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough, rich enough, thin enough, that our voice does not matter. What if that were ok? What if we went to the yoga class for emotional health despite our pain? What would that even look like?Can you be emotionally broken into 100 pieces, unable to get out of bed and need a long bath and be ok with that?We are not broken. We are human. Part of being human is that we are sore from exercise and we have self- doubt in life. It is just the emotional muscles working out. The trick is to get back into the game despite the sore muscles. It is ok to feel unworthy, not good enough and not deserving because life is the proverbial yoga class and some days we get our ass kicked.Like the yoga class, we will ascend from the moment that is causing the fear victorious. At the very moments we doubt ourselves the most, we are typically engaged in something important to our soul’s journey. Flex the emotional muscles and do what you desire despite the temporary emotional pain.If that does not work, take a emotional bath and call a friend for some inspiration.