As a coach, I am always interested in how often fear comes up for my clients.How does this sound to you? A highly successful individual who works for one of the most prestigious Universities in America with healthy kids, an amazing wife and perfect health- wants to write a second book. Yes, you heard me, a second book.Pretty cool, right?Would you believe me that he still faces fear? Well, he does. He faces the fear that everyone made a BIG mistake and did not notice that he is not good enough. Like one day they will notice and throw him out on the street.

Here’s what I have found.

If you have not tried something and you are afraid it is normal. If you have already done it and you are afraid, it is normal.Fear is nothing more than what you allow it to be.

Ready to Face those Fears?


  • Don’t be in fear of fear. Fear will come around, especially when you want to do something amazing.
  • Notice the fear and know that EVERYONE experiences fear. Ever notice how celebrities are afraid when they accept an award? How can people who live in the limelight be afraid? We all have fear. 
  • Fear comes from a belief: I can’t get into graduate school. I won’t be good at painting. I don’t have the money or time to start that now. What belief is in your way?
  • Can you do it anyway? Can you do something? If you want to face the fear, start small. Maybe my client is afraid of writing another book, but is he afraid of researching the book? Reading? Writing one page?

Take one action at a time towards your goal. It adds up really quickly. One action a day or ½ hour of commitment towards your goal equals 3.5 hours a week. 14 hours a month and 168 hours a year. 168 hours a year of efforts gets you a long way down your path. Give it a try.[/vccolumntext][/vccolumn][/vcrow]