Discover Your TalentsMany people can achieve goals, but when the goals are achieved without purpose, the achievements are like empty calories. They fill you up, but do not nourish you. Find the thing that you love to do because it is the one thing you can do endlessly and people will benefit from the most.Create a VisionThe more detailed, the better.  Spend time drafting a vision using images and words to describe the goal. Keep playing with it until it feels right. It can take time, so don’t give up. When you find what you are born to do, it is an endless space – a creative spring that you can tap into as much as you desire and it will never dry up. More importantly, you won’t ever tire of it. However, you need vision so you are working towards something, otherwise, the work won’t have focus and nothing will get done.Work Really HardFinding your purpose is critical. Purpose without hard work has no purpose.   Many people find purpose, but stop there. Success requires hard work with focus on vision to achieve success with fulfillment.External Rewards are not the GoalWe have all waited for the promotion, the raise, the award, the new house, the new car or some other external nod to show we have achieved success. I sold my company. The moment was amazing, yet too large to take in. It was also fleeting. In a 15-year career, it was one day. External rewards are amazing, but hard to come by. The goal is to find what you love and offer it fully.The Reward is Enjoying Your Daily LifeThe cool thing about finding purpose first – the thing you were born to do – is that every day is fulfilling which is way better than checking boxes and “being successful.” Awards, money, and fame are dependent on other people’s opinion, which you cannot control. Working daily and finding fulfillment is within your control. Waiting for others to notice your work before you feel fulfilled outsources your power. Own your work and others’ opinions becomes just a nice thing to have, not a necessity.Surrender Success for ServiceContribute your gifts in service and the universe will take care of the rest. The biggest mistake I have seen is not trusting in your dreams. Find what you love. Create a vision. Strive for greatness through offering your gifts. Then surrender. Don’t chase success. You will receive what you desire if you just work hard into your unique talent.