2015 educationWell, it’s finally here. I am announcing my first book, Emotional Obesity, which launched today. It covers many of the same topics I’ve emailed you about over the past months, but from a much more in-depth, practical perspective.First, a bit more about the book:Most of us believe we should have some sort of daily rituals to stay physically healthy: exercise, eat right and go to the doctor on a regular basis, but when it comes to our emotional health what are we doing to stay fit?We are taught from a young age to get over our feelings, but instead we carry their weight throughout life. The messages they create—of not being good enough, not worthy, undeserving–become the guiding principles of our lives.That’s what I call emotional obesity.The solution to our emotional weight is, first to set a goal is to become aware of our feelings. Then subscribe to the habit of daily rituals for our emotional health, just as we have for our physical health. By doing this we can free ourselves from the destructive and unresolved feelings of the unconscious mind and begin to direct our lives from our authentic self where our true passions and desires reside.As a thank you for being a supporter, I’ve put together some bonus packages for the early buyers of the book.If you order 1 copy of the book before January 9th, I’ll send you:An amazing new info-graphic illustrating the concept of Emotional Obesity.If you order 5 copies (to give to friends / co-workers) before January 9th:Receive a free one-on-one coaching session to help you start your journey towards emotional fitness.**To get these prizes, all you have to do is email laura@lauracoe.com with the subject line “Order #1 or #2” (depending which one you choose) and a screenshot of your Amazon receipt.I’ll be as fast as I can sending out the bonuses, and scheduling the calls.You can order the book through this Amazon link.Getting this book in the hands of as many people who it can help as possible is a dream of mine, and I truly appreciate you helping me get there. I promise you, this book is worth it, and I can’t wait to see the positive changes it creates.If you feel like sharing this offer with a friend, please go ahead.Happy New Year!Warmly,Laura