“In the end

these things matter most:

How well did you love?

How fully did you live?

How deeply did you let go?”

Gautama Buddha

In the 90’s, we used PCs. I was plagued by the blue screen of death – the ultimate computer crash.When I left my company, my gift to myself was a brand new Apple computer. The learning curve was steep, but it was worth it; the dreaded blue screen of death was a thing of the past. It was replaced with a little rainbow wheel that spins mercilessly. Thankfully, Apple products are amazing and the little rainbow appears infrequently. And, when it does, it is a good excuse to go to the Apple Store. What is that phenomenon? You are happily working away and the computer simply freaks out – nothing you do has any effect. The only option is so scary that it makes you sweat – hold down the restart button until the computer has no choice but to let go. Chrome, imessenging, itunes, iphoto, Word, Excel, and Skype are forced to quit.Every second of the reboot feels like hours because there is some chance the autorecovery feature fails. So far, Apple has not let me down.

Find a Way to Reboot

I have had a really hard week. My partner had a big surgery. I’m in the middle of my book launch. And I still face the daily grind of: laundry, groceries, cooking, blog posts, school drop-offs and pick-ups, lunchboxes, hours at the hospital, finding time to buy a sweet gift to help her recover. I am overwhelmed. I feel like the little rainbow spinning around and around. I wish someone would walk up to me and push my shutdown button – turn me off and force me to restart. My RebootWhen I get like this, when I feel the anxiety building and something might snap, I know I have to reboot. But no one is coming to shut me down, so I have to do it for myself.For me, the answer is always the same: yoga. I love tennis. I adore to swim. I joined many gyms. I played varsity soccer. They all make me feel amazing, but yoga does something else.The Chakras are energy centers. Without proper movement of energy, we become ill.  I think my throat chakra needs movement and my root chakra needs to get stronger, but I don’t really know enough to fully understand my inner chakra’s needs.According to Tantric texts, our body contains 72,000 Nadis; the small rivers that flow within us get congested when we are stressed.  When I am stressed, I feel like terrible – stress gets stuck in my chest, throat, back, and head. I ask myself: “Do yoga poses help move energy through my body? Are my Chakras clearing and my Nadis flowing?” I can say this: after tennis I am tired, sweaty, and happy. But after yoga, I feel alive, free, and confident to do what is right in the world. I let go of my stress, frustrations, and selfishness. I find love in my heart and the desire to step fully into my life. I am able to restart and focus on what I believe in again.Can you find one thing that is your instant reboot? Not sure? Try some yoga! Want more on this? My first book, Emotional Obesity, is available for purchase. Love what you read? Please share it.