Relaxation in forest at the Waterfall. Ardha Padmasana pose.We’ve all been there.Life’s pressures start to weigh us down.And the self-talk starts to build up.“What’s wrong with me?”“I will never succeed.”“No one will ever love me.”“No one knows the truth about me – I am not good enough.”I refer to these as Junk Food Thoughts.And it really doesn’t matter where the weight is coming from: job stress, relationships, lack of self-care, or financial problems.The internal thoughts pile up – one after the next until we are buried under the weight of our own thoughts. Our thoughts play like a bad song heard in an elevator that won’t leave your mind, no matter how hard you try.But the elevator song is harmless.The negative thoughts determine our actions and the actions determine our lives.A simple thought that is not even conscious drives behavior. The question, “What’s wrong with me?” may deter you from stepping forward into the the career you love, the person you want to be with, the opportunity you have in front of you.But it doesn’t have to stop you. You don’t have to feel stuck.You can feel empowered, confident, and self-assured.

Get Unstuck Now

Are you ready to make that change that you desperately desire?The hardest part is to notice your Junk Food Thoughts.Junk food thoughts arise when you ask yourself what you truly need or desire.As yourself, “what do I want?” This could be in a relationship, work life, or personally.Now, here is the moment that matters the most. As soon as you think about what you want, notice the next sentences that come to mind. Capture the exact sentence you think. Did you use the words: should, can’t, won’t, or other’s in your sentence?Our junk food is tangible, but our junk thoughts are not. So take a moment and notice what comes to mind as you ask yourself what you want most. Write it down on a piece of paper and keep it as a reminder of what thoughts you need to avoid.These Junk Food Thoughts are the GMOs of your mind. These thoughts are as toxic as the pesticides and processed foods we know poison our bodies.These thoughts poison our soul.This pattern of negative thinking is your chocolate chip cookie, McDonald’s run, or six pack of Coke of the mind.We each have unique eating habits, and we have unique emotional thought habits.If you know what you consume emotionally, you can make the changes you desire.Break free now from the thought-loop that enchains you in the life you do not desire.

Change your thoughts and change your life

Emotional fitness is achieved when you recognize your negative thoughts and replace them with supportive thoughts BEFORE you take action.Dreams are achieved and success is attained without feeling good. However, we can mask our negative thoughts with homes, cars, and clothes.But success is only a true success when feel as good as we look. We know how to feel good physically because we have been taught to go to the gym, get a pedicure, or even a massage. But we do not think we have to do the same for our emotional lives.Once you learn your negative thought patterns, you can replace them with new, supportive, inspired thoughts that gently guide you on your life’s journey.But, like hitting the gym, the feeling we want does not come without a cost. You have to do your emotional workout. You have to hit the emotional gym. Notice your thoughts. Replace them with something supportive. Ask a friend for support. Read a book for tips. It is a workout. You will sweat, feel frustrated, maybe even scream. But, like all workouts, the pain subsides and the emotional muscles start to appear. In the case of emotional workouts, the muscles are the strength, conviction, and confidence you bring to your everyday life.You own your life – it does not own you.