Today, I’m responding to an email I received from Liana, I hope I didn’t butcher the name too much, Liana. She wrote in and said she was a fan of the show — thank you so much — and that she was wondering if I would share my experience in helping and guiding others to shape their authentic life. “What is it been like for you and what is challenging and rewarding?”I love this question because really at the heart of this question is a much deeper conversation about what gets in our way when we are thinking about what we want, when our life isn’t exactly where we want it to be often, our life as you know from all the people I interviewed on the podcast, it’s really more of a journey and as much as you find something that makes you happy six months from now, six years from now, you may wake up and realize you need to make some more changes.So my clients often come to me in that place. They don’t know what’s off or they recognize that they want to change their career but they can’t figure out why it’s so difficult to answer a simplequestion of what they want, what they want to see different, where they want to go, what’s the next steps? Getting real of themselves, determining what’s going on, it somehow gets all muddled and they get stuck, right? We start to feel stuck.Thanks for ListeningAgain, thank you so much for your support! Please subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already!Episode Resources