In this episode of Art of Authenticity I had a thoughtful conversation with Marie Wiese, the CEO of Marketing Copilot and author of You Can’t Be Everywhere.Marie is a long-time marketing professional who has a unique view on marketing, both offline and online. She helps companies build digital marketing engines that drive leads and sales.This conversation with Marie was eye-opening for me. Having just jumped into the online game about a year ago, I know as well as anyone else how overwhelming it can be to try to make sense of all of the channels, strategies, and tactics.She’s able to shine a light on marketing a business online in a way that actually makes sense, because at her company Marketing Copilot she practices what she calls “evidence-based marketing.” That means she uses actual data to come to conclusions about marketing. If you’re someone who is struggling to make sense of how to approach your marketing, this episode is a must-listen for you.

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Show Notes

  • A brief history of Marie’s career in marketing and communications [02:55]

  • What she thinks the #1 misconception about online marketing is [05:00]

  • How to combat overwhelm when starting to market online [06:28]

  • How to track your progress to make sure you’re on the right track [08:35]

  • How to get into the details and make your marketing more effective [11:4o]

  • A story about chinese restaurants and marketing [13:30]

  • What the point of resistance is for most people [16:02]

  • The details behind Content Copilot method [20:15]

  • How far a customer is through the buying process before you even speak to them [24:40]

  • What an authentic life means to Marie [30:10]

  • How she remade her life [36:50]

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