In this episode of Art of Authenticity I had a thoughtful conversation with Ali Shapiro, a health coach and the founder of the Truce with Food ™ method for health coaching and weight loss.

Ali Shapiro is a health coach pioneering a new way to approach food, health and weight loss. She combined her background in functional medicine and holistic nutrition, to create an innovative health coaching method, Truce with Food ™, while at the University of Pennsylvania earning her Masters degree in Organizational Dynamics, with a concentration in coaching and change management.Her work is also informed by her own 18 year weight struggle and teenage cancer diagnosis. This is one interview that you don’t want to miss — I learned so much talking with Ali and I 


you will too.

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Show Notes

  • Who is Ali Shapiro? [00:23]

  • Experience/struggles with weight, body and food [00:36]

  • What is her specialization as a coach and her main focus of her work? How she got there? [02:43]

  • Master’s thesis subject: words & how we act[05:55]

  • Motivation vs inspiration [07:03]

  • How people are defining inspiration & what we really need in life [08:44]

  • How to approach weight loss & your body goals [10:01]

  • Why is food the biggest source of reward in your life? [11:34]

  • Carol Dweck on growth mindset [13:15]

  • The most meaningful things in life didn’t come easy [13:43]

  • ‘What is meaningful to me?’ vs ‘What do I think I’m supposed to want?’ [14:00]

  • Step #2 in her process – adult development [14:42]

  • Why weight can have an impact on confidence, but won’t work as goal [15:20]

  • How to feel good regardless of weight [16:25]

  • Physical and emotional go hand in hand [20:00]

  • Healthcare doesn’t start at the doctor’s office [21:02]

  • What does ‘capacity to have independent agency’ mean [22:41]

  • Her approach | Experiments [24:56]

  • Blood sugar & gut health [25:20]

  • Story that makes people keep sabotaging themselves [26:14]

  • Discover your own preferences [28:19]

  • What does authentic life mean to her? [28:49]

  • What she does when she’s stressed or facing fear to prevent her from making ‘bad choices’? [29:50]

  • Daily practices that help her navigate success[32:24]

  • What you fear persists [35:02]

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