In this episode of Art of Authenticity I had a thoughtful conversation with Jennifer Brown, an entrepreneur, author, and diversity inclusion specialist.

Jennifer Brown is the Founder, President, and CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting, which a strategic leadership consulting firm on diversity that coaches business leaders worldwide on the critical issues of talent and workplace strategy. She is really passionate, and she advocates for social equality to people in the LGBT community, people of color, women, and millennials.

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Show Notes

  • How she went from opera singer to entrepreneur [03:00]

  • Why you need to put your full self forward [07:15]

  • What authenticity struggles she sees at Fortune 500 companies [12:55]

  • Why the book, Inclusion, came to light [19:00]

  • Whole Foods and diversity [25:35]

  • Her daily habits and practices [48:40]

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