In this episode of Art of Authenticity I had a thoughtful conversation with Ryan Holiday, an author, marketing genius, and media strategist.

At his core, Ryan Holiday is a writer and a media strategist. He dropped out of college to apprentice with Robert Greene (who authored The 48 Laws of Power). He then ran marketing for American Apparel and has since gone on to author five books, one of which is Ego is the Enemy, his latest. Thanks for ListeningAgain, thank you so much for your support! Please subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already!Show Notes

  • The background of Ego is the Enemy [1:10]

  • His specific definition of ego [05:58]

  • Ego vs. confidence [07:15]

  • How to manage your thoughts [10:30]

  • Why focusing on the task at hand can dissolve ego [13:40]

  • Where the line is between taking on too much and doing too little [18:10]

  • How to figure out what you want [22:05]

  • The world is at best indifferent to you [29:10]

  • How humility fits into the picture [31:45]

  • What an authentic life means to Ryan [37:32]

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