In this episode of Art of Authenticity I had a thoughtful conversation with Jeff Brown, the host of the popular podcast, Read to Lead.Jeff Brown a podcaster, mentor and speaker. His goal: to help you bridge the gap between intentionality and implementation.He spent 26-years in radio. He even co-hosted an award-winning and nationally syndicated morning show from 2002 to 2008.Since January 2014, He has leveraged his radio background to coach numerous podcasters, helping dozens create, launch, grow and monetize their shows. People like Brendan Hufford, Liz Covart, Harry Duran, Darrell Darnell, Ben Castleberry and Nicole Welch have all been his clients. I’ve even been blessed with the opportunity to consult with the US government and several multi-million dollar companies the last few years.

Jeff was also a consultant, and he talks to people about how to create a podcast. He helped me early on and he is just a really great guy. Jeff has recently launched a new

Read to Lead group membership

where they read books and they meet to talk about the books and set goals to actually implement all the advice that the books suggest, to see the results in their own lives.

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Show Notes

  • Hear Jeff’s story of how he crash landed into his first radio job. [3:46]

  • How Jeff transitioned from the radio industry into the podcasting world. [3:46]

  • Why Jeff was fired from all of his radio jobs, except for one. [5:13]

  • Find out what Jeff learned in the radio industry and how he applied that in the podcasting world. [8:09]

  • What it means to connect to the audience, and Jeff’s golden rule. [9:56]

  • Discover why Jeff chose the topic of “Read to Lead” for his podcast. [11:54]

  • Why Jeff believes in vetting new guests that come on the podcast is key in staying authentic. [17:12]

  • Find out which are Jeff’s favorite books from all the many authors that have come his show. [21:00]

  • How Jeff defines an authentic life and why he believes you have to start with yourself. [23:28]

  • Jeff shares his tips and practical applications to ensure that you do not make inauthentic decisions. [27]

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