Today on the podcast we have Tony Wrighton joining us. Tony is the host of the popular podcast, Zestology: Live with energy, vitality, and motivation. On his podcast, he interviews a wide range of experts in the field of health and personal development. Obviously we have a lot in common given that the Art of Authenticity is all about how to live life with meaning and his passion is talking about energy, vitality, and motivation.Tony is a personal development author and presenter. He has published three books in 12 different languages and is one of the country’s foremost experts on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and if that wasn’t enough, Tony is also a popular presenter on Sky Sports in the UK, hosing several different sports including football, golf, basketball, hockey, and many more.In today’s chat with Tony, he shared with me an incredible trip he took, where he went to three or four different countries. On this trip he stopped in at a place called 40 Years Zen, where he had the opportunity to attach probes to his mind and engage in meditation done on a scientific level. This gives you the benefits in a ramped up, incredible way inside a very short window. It sounds amazing and is really expensive, but Tony shares with us his experience and all the updates of his life.We dive into a lot of secret tips on vitality and energy, why Tony keeps a tracking log of all the things he does, how to increase energy and feel better, and how he manages to get a significant amount of work done in a day. There are a lot of incredible suggest of wisdom in this episode, so I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to also check out my interview and feature on Tony’s podcast, Zestology.Thanks for ListeningAgain, thank you so much for your support! Please subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already!Show Notes:

  • Why Tony took a whole month off to travel, where he went, and what he experienced. [3:25]

  • Discover more about the 40 Years of Zen Program in Seattle, and the benefits of it. [4:46]

  • Find out about the shift Tony was able to make meditating with neurofeedback electrodes and how it lead him to a deeper sense of authenticity. [7:42]

  • The benefits Tony realized from finding a deeper sense of authenticity awareness of self. [12:03]

  • Why Tony felt angry and overstimulated after leaving 40 Years of Zen and visiting Tokyo. [17:23]

  • What Tony is doing with his podcast and his vision for the next year to come. [23:34]

  • How Tony has used tracking to test new ideas and practices as he implements them in his life. [26:17]

  • Why “doing less” is one of Tony’s top goals for 2017. [31:49]


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