this episode of Art of Authenticity I had a conversation with Daniel Gefen, entrepreneur and host of the podcast Can I Pick Your Brain. 

Today, we have Daniel Gefen joining us. Daniel is the co-founder of a company called, Get Featured, which helps people who want to get featured on podcasts. Get Featured aims to help brands go from obscurity to celebrity. Daniel is also an entrepreneur that grew multiple companies from scratch. These include Jet Answering Service, Jet Virtual services, and Jet Offices.

This is a guy who, in the face of adversity, is all about getting up, making it happen, and making it real. If you’re an entrepreneur out there struggling along, not sure if you have something, not sure of what to do, this is a great story for you. This guy kept it real, kept it going in the face of massive adversity, turned it around, and made it happen.

I totally loved chatting with him. He is also the podcast host of Can I Pick Your Brain? I got to come on his show, and if you are interested, you can check it out. His podcast is all about finding people who have had some success in their life, sharing their stories, and asking questions specifically about how they made it happen.

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Show Notes

  • Hear Daniel’s story and how he negotiated himself a six-figure salary without a degree. [3:03]
  • Find out how Daniel handled the downturn of 2008, and how he somehow landed in mortgage sales during it all. [6:36]
  • How Daniel and his family ended up being evicted from their Spanish townhouse in California. [9:14]
  • Find out how Daniel went from working in a high rise to selling milk and eggs. [13:17]
  • Hear Daniel’s definitely of an entrepreneur and why he believes it is simply impossible for them to work for someone else. [16:05]
  • Understand why when starting your business you have to wear all the different hats in the beginning. [16:29]
  • Discover how Daniel learned that in business you cannot take things personally. [17:44]
  • Find out how Daniel saved his business by outsourcing it all to one of his competitors. [26:00]
  • Hear as Daniel shares his story about running his whole business from a hotel lobby, café, or sometimes poolside. [29:22]
  • Find out what an authentic life means to Daniel and why what others think of him is none of his business. [36:23]
  • Discover Daniel’s practices, habits, and daily rituals that keep him on track and persevere through discouragements. [37:46]

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