Today, I have a little call to action. I am wondering if all of you will join me in a one week cleanse. We’ve talked about the five steps of what it takes to get to a more authentic life, we’ve talked about authenticity, talked to 60, 70 people on what authenticity means, we’ve heard all of these great stories.But what’s in the way of exactly what is holding you back? What is keeping you from taking that next step? What is most difficult for you? What is the biggest obstacle?It could be the inner critic. It could be fear of failure. The impostor voices in your head are just loud and giving you a hard time. It could just be an overwhelming sense of frustration and irritation and anger is just driving you crazy. Resentments. A need to be right or wrong.This is why I’m suggesting a one week cleanse.Thanks for ListeningAgain, thank you so much for your support! Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes if you haven’t already!Episode Resources