Today I wanted to talk about the dreaded imposter syndrome. If there’s anything that I think causes people to feel that inner sense of discomfort and then shame, it’s that imposter voice. Imposter voice is the voice within you that tells you that no matter how much success you are having, you’re secretively not enough. I have clients that are so successful. If you saw what they have done on paper, you would say, “That person’s got to feel amazing!” But they don’t feel they are enough, despite the evidence.Just because we succeed, we have success, we have all the boxes checked, just because things look a certain way doesn’t mean they’ll feel as good? So we go after that next award, we go after that bestselling book, we try to get the promotion at work, we launch a business, we work so hard, we see a future where we feel better.We may even have an image of ourselves walking around relaxed in the future, maybe we think we’re at retirement, that’s when we’re going to feel good.Any way in which you are putting off feeling good today for the future, that sense, that feeling that “when I get there, when I check these boxes, when I get these things done I will feel good” you’ve bought into your impostor voice. You are accepting you are not enough today.  I bought into this. I literary think it’s an epidemic, but what if it’s not true?