Do you listen to other podcasts that suggest regiments? Do you read blog posts? Do you study the behavioral habits of anybody that you admire and try to figure out what they do? Have you read books on how to hack life and get the edge?If you’ve done any of these things, then you’ve probably got a list of things that are on your “should” list. What I mean by that is “I should get up at 5 AM and go jogging because I read that jogging in the morning is really effective to start your day.” “I should have a healthy breakfast to start my day and have a kale smoothie.” “I should read more books, I should read at least four books a month and the book should be a certain quality.” “I should go to bed at a certain time, sleep a certain amount of hours, I should drink amount of water per day. I should have a healthy diet.”The issue to me isn’t that one can’t take an interest in the various things in the world and all of their benefits. The problem is that when we look at a bunch of people or different sources and we start to cherry pick them, put them together into one really long laundry list of should’s. Things we should do that we read or seen that we believe will help us because we want to feel better in our lives and we’ve decided that these things are going to get us there.We also want success and we believe that these people who have had success, who are telling us that these are the things they’ve done in their lives, it’s really a good idea to just imitate a lot of what they do to get there.