In this episode of Art of Authenticity, I had a thoughtful conversation with Caroline Webb author of, How to Have a Good Day.

Today on the podcast we have Caroline Webb joining us. Caroline is the CEO of Sevenshift, a firm that shows people how to use insights from behavioral science to improve their working life. Previously, Caroline worked for 12 years in management consulting for McKinsey and Company where she became a partner and co-founded McKinsey’s leadership practice. Prior to that, Caroline worked in public policy as an economist at the Bank of England, working on global economic forecasting and institution building in post-communist eastern Europe.

In this episode, we had an incredibly cool, detailed conversation. I honestly did not even know where to start with this amazing human being, who is absolutely filled with information on the latest science on how you can use what is being said into your personal life.

Caroline also has a new book called How to Have a Good Day, which has been hailed as one of the “top must-read business books of 2016” by both Inc. and Forbes.

We had a great conversation filled with so much amazing knowledge that she shared with us. So check out the interview and go buy her book. You will definitely get a lot of incredible value

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Show Notes

  • Hear the story of how Caroline made the change from working as a management consultant to founding her own firm, Sevenshift. [2:55]

  • Caroline shares how she prepared to make the switch to entrepreneurship by focusing in on who she was without the McKinsey brand. [5:10]

  • Find out why Caroline titled her book, How to Have a Good Day and not a “great” day. [8:03]

  • Understand the importance of breaking down big lofty goals to avoid disappointment and reinforce positive outcomes. [9:11]

  • Discover why Caroline believes and authentic life is about living a life that’s driven from the inside, not the outside. [12:55]

  • Learn how small experiments in your everyday life are often the foundation for testing out bigger choices. [18:03]

  • Caroline shares the story of how her high school culture shaped her ability to read the room and work with diverse groups. [21:05]

  • Discover the concept of “affect labeling” and how naming your emotions can allow your brain to relieve the stress of it. [31:04]

  • Find how to embrace your body’s chemical response to stress and learn from the situation rather than fearing it. [36:03]

  • Learn about the importance of finding out how much sleep you need to perform at your optimum level and live your best life. [38:46]

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