I’m going to take another question from someone who wrote in. I have an email here from Dave. Dave writes in and talks about how he is working really hard to live in his truth. Awesome Dave, very happy for you on that. He goes on to say that while he’s living in his truth, he is more aware of how much he dislikes his job. This awareness is driving him crazy and he would like to not feel this way, any advice?When you live in your truth, when you start to get the awareness of how you really feel, what’s really happening in your life, with that comes this level of clarity but that clarity doesn’t always tell us the things that we want to hear. Unfortunately, sometimes it just gets us more clear that we don’t like our job, more clear that the relationship we’re in is not working for us. More clear that we don’t like our apartment or the city we’re in or whatever it is, we start to get clear.Because normally, we have discomfort and we ignore it, we justify it, we have come up with great rationalizations, right? “I’m paid really well, my boss is super cool, the team is interesting, I’m doing impactful work.” Nonetheless, if all of those things are true, I still hate my job but I’m going to give myself all these reasons to deny my truth.In doing so, we think there’s something wrong with us. We say, “I just don’t know what my problem is, I’m not happy, I don’t feel so great, I’m just discontent in my life. Maybe I’m just somebody who is never going to be happy?” The good news is, is when you move it over and you get truthful and it starts to show up in the actual areas of your life that are a problem, it comes off of you and that inner dialogue that there’s just something randomly wrong with you starts to ease up. But it gets switched over to the actual problem in your life.Here’s how to handle it.