In this episode of Art of Authenticity, I had a thoughtful conversation with Damian Mark Smyth, author of, Do Nothing, and founder of Rethinking Business. 

Today we have Damian Mark Smyth joining us all the way from the UK. Damian and I had an awesome conversation about a topic that I feel so strongly about. It’s one of those people that you meet where your philosophies are so aligned. We talked about this inside out approach, that so many of us are looking to be happier, we look for more things on the outside world to make us feel better; chasing money, chasing success, and all of that.

On top of it all, there are the thoughts in your head, the things that you think are also what are causing your unhappiness because you believe them to be true. Once Damian recognized this in his own life, he was able to make so many changes. He is the author of the book, Do Nothing, which is all about this idea that you do not have to do anything with thoughts. What matters is what is going on within you. Everything you need, all the happiness you need, all the answers you need, they are already there.

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Show Notes

  • Learn more about Damian’s background and how he transitioned into the life he is now living. [2:29]

  • Understand how listening to the signs in his life, Damian was able to completely change it around. [6:25]

  • The impact that your thinking has on your life, and the choice you have over your thoughts. [12:39]

  • Hear examples of why Damian believes that there is an intelligence in the system, or universe. [16:26]

  • Damian shares more about his book, Do Nothing, and what inspired him for the idea of the book. [18:50]

  • Find out how Damian experiences aligning with the universe and his true self. [24:33]

  • Discover the process of working through life’s chaos by understanding that your thoughts govern your feelings, not your circumstances. [28:53]

  • Learn why self-awareness and understanding your own purpose is what an authentic life looks like to Damian. [32:10]

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