this episode of Art of Authenticity, I had a thoughtful conversation with Khe Hy, former hedge fund partner turned writer. 

Today we have Khe Hy joining us. Khe is one of those people who came out of the gate quickly, went to a top university, ended up at a hedge fund, and made partner at a very young age. Khe had all the money and success that people look for; the stature and the finances. He was truly “in the game”, as they say. Yet with all of this, he decided to walk away. His friends literally thought he was so crazy, sending him daily messages to ask if there was something really wrong with him.
He now has a weekly newsletter, Radreads, of over 15,000 people, writes for Quartz as their Entrepreneur in Residence and he writes about productivity, self-discovery, and all sorts of different topics. He is a really great guy, and has a lot to say on the topic of productivity and change. Khe hosts monthly meetups in New York and they are now moving over to San Francisco. He has also been at a TEDx Talk, created RadReads, and accomplished all of this in a very short period of time.

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Show Notes

  • Hear Khe’s story of how he got pulled into investment banking, working 16 hour work days, six days a week. [3:05]
  • Find out how Khe’s childhood mindset of being a hard worker influenced his motivation to stay on at a soul-sucking job. [6:58]
  • Khe shares his decision process of deciding to leave a high-level, high-paying job. [13:07]
  • Hear as Khe shares about the emotions he felt after walking away from his career. [16:33]
  • Discover why the first question everyone asked Khe after he left his job was concerning his health insurance. [19:08]
  • Understand how to reconcile the fear of being ashamed and the fear of being broke. [21:39]
  • Learn more about Rad Reads and how Khe integrates his passions into the topics he writes about. [26:09]
  • Khe shares about where he gets his inspiration from for his blog, and how he shares more on his blog than to those close to him. [30:01]
  • Hear the story of Khe’s TEDx Talk experience, and how the “new” Khe only practiced for 15 minutes. [40:06]
  • Find out what an authentic life means to Khe, and the daily practices he implements to stay in his truth. [57:04]

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