In this episode of Art of Authenticity, I had a thoughtful conversation with Suzanne Falter, internet marketer, writer, blogger, and coach for healing trauma.

Today on the podcast we have Suzanne Falter joining us. On this show, we have done a lot of episodes about people who have had success and have found a purpose in their life. That is really the main topic of the show. However, today we are going way over to the other extreme. This is a story of somebody who had a ton of success but found herself in one of those life crisis moments that we all deeply fear. After losing a relationship that she had been in for years, and recognizing her sexuality, Suzanne made the choice to completely change her career. If all of that wasn’t enough for a single person to handle, in 2012 Suzanne also suffered the loss of her daughter, Teal.

Although this sounds like a conversation that will be sad and overwhelming, this is really a story of inspiration and joy. Suzanne goes there in this interview as she takes us to the day her daughter died. She shares the whole story with so much recognition of what she has and how she took this difficult moment and turned it into a life-changing event. She completely turned her life in a different direction and for Suzanne, this became a deeply spiritual moment of connecting with her daughter.

So tune in, and stay open. Suzanne is someone who I deeply respect and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to hear her story and to share it with all of you.

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Show Notes

  • Hear Suzanne’s story of the intense life events that led up to her changing her entire career and life perspective. [4:09]

  • Suzanne shares the story of her daughter’s death and how it impacted her to begin a new purpose in her life. [9:37]

  • Find out how Suzanne discovered a new connection with her daughter after she died. [14:14]

  • Discover how life was guiding Suzanne to really learn how to surrender and realize that her purpose at that time was to rest. [20:17]

  • Suzanne shares her advice on practicing self-care, and how taking three years to care for herself made an incredible difference. [29:25]

  • Understand why fear is a major factor that hold us back from just being our authentic selves. [33:01]

  • Find out why Suzanne believes that an authentic life is one that is lived with great joy. [33:56]

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