In this episode of Art of Authenticity, I chatted with Akshay Nanavati, Marine Corp Vet, adventurer, and entrepreneur.

Today we have Akshay Nanavati joining us. He is a marine corp veteran, he is also an adventurer and an entrepreneur. This guy has an incredible story. He overcame a drug addiction. He was in the Iraqi war, suffered from PTSD and had a serious battle with alcohol and drug abuse, which left him at the brink of suicide.In today’s episode, Akshay shares this, his story, and how he turned these life challenges into his new book, 



The revolutionary science on how to turn fear into health, wealth, and happiness

. Fearvana explores the science of how to transform the seemingly negative forces of fear, stress and anxiety into health, wealth and happiness. Weaving together inspiring stories, in-depth research, practical insight and actionable strategies, “Fearvana” helps readers turn their greatest obstacles into their most powerful allies. Jack Canfield, the coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and The Success Principles said “Fearvana is without a doubt, one of the few books that really does stand out as a must read book.”Akshay has explored the most hostile environments on the planet, started a nonprofit, and built a global business helping people live limitless lifestyles. Combining years of research in science and spirituality with his life experience.

Show Notes

  • Hear more of Akshay’s backstory and how the movie Black Hawk Down shifted his life towards joining the Marines. [2:56]

  • Why Akshay enlisted in the US Army, despite being a citizen of India and having a rare blood disease. [4:42]

  • How a diagnosis with PTSD after returning from Iraq and uncontrollable drinking led Akshay to the thought of taking his own life. [6:20]

  • The biggest lesson that Akshay has learned was that although he falls many times, the key is getting back up. [8:13]

  • Find out what inspired Akshay to write his book, Fearvana: The revolutionary science on how to turn fear into health, wealth, and happiness. [9:27]

  • Recognizing that 95% of cognition happens in the subconscious brain and that we are pretty much a product of our past behaviors. [14:56]

  • Understand how to stop yourself from going down the spiral of negative thinking, by recognizing the patterns. [18:00]

  • How to deal with depression by preparing for obstacles you know will show up, using Akshay’s LMNOP method. [22:14]

  • Akshay shares the combination of strategies he used to quit drinking overnight, which starts by labeling your emotions. [26:34]

  • Hear as Akshay shares what an authentic life looks like for him, and what it means to pursue worthy struggle. [36:17]

More About Akshay

Akshay Nanavati — — Hawk Down’s Search for Meaning by Vicktor Frankl —