In this episode of Art of Authenticity, I chatted with Emily Ann Peterson on Bravery.

On today’s show, we welcome singer/songwriter, teaching artist, creative entrepreneur, host of the podcast Bare Naked Bravery, and cellist, Emily Ann Peterson. At the age of 17, Emily was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological hand tremor, the very thing she needed to continue doing what she loved. When this happened, Emily decided to focus on what does it take to overcome these insurmountable obstacles in the face of something that keeps you from doing what you are really passionate about. She talks about the idea of bravery.

So tune in today to find out about this other side of the conversation that we rarely talk about. What happens if you follow your dream and something real happens that gets in the way, like a hand tremor when you are playing the cello, right? It does not get more real than that. So how do you overcome a topic like that? Emily turned this obstacle into an amazing transformation of character, and in-depth discussion about bravery. She shares with us about the three layers that she believes helps a person move from insurmountable difficulties to finding meaning in your life in a whole new way.

Show Notes

  • Hear how Emily fosters a persons innovation, growth, and progress by not deleting them as a person but guiding their worth in the right direction. [4:01]

  • Find out what how Emily’s diagnosis and journey brought her to be really curious about bravery. [07:25]

  • Learn how it took Emily years of different iterations of that same realization that her success can look different from other people’s. [09:56]

  • Understand how Emily values her success based on connection and resonance. [10:58]

  • Hear as Emily explains bravery occurring on three different levels with three different ingredients involved, namely internal, external and resonant bravery. [14:23]

  • How vulnerability, imagination, and improvisation are the three ingredients that set the line between bravery and false pride. [15:56]

  • Learn how bravery is when vulnerability and imagination and improvisation which includes your power of choice, overlap. [18:37]

  • Emily shares her story of what she went through and how everyone’s version of bravery requires a different ratio of those three ingredients. [20:07]

  • Find out why vulnerability is a necessary ingredient and how it can make it different from being an asshole versus just doing something that is meaningful and has integrity to it. [20:47]

  • Hear how Imagination as the second ingredient, is the thing that helps you see beyond the possibility of rejection. [22:26]

  • Understand why Emily advocates to feel the fear and don’t just do it anyways, but feel the fear and use the fear. [25:08]

  • How bravery is definitely a core part of what Emily is doing in the world. [26:30]

  • Hear how Emily defines an authentic life as knowing how you define your success, being tuned into your unique definition of it, your values and your bravery. [28:30]

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