In this episode of Art of Authenticity, I had a thoughtful conversation with Zach Benson 

Today we have a completely different show for you. We’ve got Zach Benson joining us. He is a TEDx speaker, full-time entrepreneur, and dancer and he has been a round four finalist on the hit show, So You Think You Can Dance.

What’s so cool about today’s show is that I’m always talking to people who have a certain level of success in their life, they hit a turning point, they recognize, “I have to think about what success means, what does it mean on my terms?” We’ve talked about all this ideas, we have had incredible people on, but here is somebody who out of the gate just went for it. Zach followed his dreams, hit a lot of road blocks, didn’t give up and kept persevering. It is really fun to listen to someone who had the courage, managed the fear, dealt with the rejection, and just kept going. Really interesting conversation, so I hope you enjoy it

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Show Notes

  • Hear has Zach shares his story of how he found dance at the age of 15, and how it really opened up a lot of doors for him. [2:19]
  • Find out why Zach’s parents encouraged him to study hard, but to also pursue his dreams of dance at the same time. [4:44]
  • Zach shares exactly what allowed him to preserver, especially after facing countless “no’s” and not walking into instant success. [6:47]
  • Discover why Zach decided to quit dance, and how he was able to find his passion again to pursue his dance dreams. [7:15]
  • Find out how Zach had to face the brutal facts of reality, being rejected from So You Think You Can Dance multiple times. [9:42]
  • Understand why it is more important that people tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. [10:52]
  • Discover more about Zach’s life, as he dances around the world in different countries, creating awesome memories with his students. [11:47]
  • Find out how Zach decides where to travel to next, by simply typing a destination into Google. [12:36]
  • Learn more about Zach’s experience on the show So You Think You Can Dance and the behind the scenes events. [15:45]
  • Understand what an authentic life means to Zach, and his daily habits that helps him keep aligned. [18:41]
  • Find out why Zach’s biggest piece of advice is to remember that happiness is a choice, and that mentors in your life are the key to your growth. [22:40]

More About Zach

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