In this episode of Art of Authenticity, I had a thoughtful conversation with Teju Owoye, founder of Sulte Group, Blis Brands, and Growth Marketer. 

Today on the show we have serial entrepreneur and woman-on-the-move, Teju Owoye. Teju is the founder of Sulte Group, Blis Brands and resident Growth Marketer at CoFoundersLab. Prior to starting the Sulte Group, Teju designed incentive and engagement programs for Fortune 500 companies and top universities. Teju is also a media professional with a ton of hosting and journalism experience. She is the founder and editor of Tusodo Magazine, a travel and lifestyle publication for the modern traveler. On today’s episode, we hear Teju’s story: how she moved from the corporate world to starting several businesses, how she tackled issues, her business mindset and all the things that have created so much success in her life. For anyone who is thinking about starting a business or who already has their own business, this woman has so many great lessons and really knows what she’s talking about! Take a listen to this inspiring conversation with Teju Owoye.

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Show Notes

  • Teju takes us through the benefit of starting her career in corporate. [3:33]

  • The importance of having confidence in the face of uncertainty. [7:28]

  • Why you need systems in place if your goal is to build a big business. [9:12]

  • Control issues: How Teju learned to loosen the grip and delegate out. [11:56]

  • Why you need to fire yourself from tasks and start outsourcing. [13:54]

  • Understanding that passing on tasks does not make you weak. [17:18]

  • The impact of the ego, and why you should be aware of your own. [22:13]

  • Sales is your oxygen mask. Learn why this is the key to the survival of every business [25:16]

  • The power of asking for help and why you should seek it out, not shy away from it. [27:38]

  • Why entrepreneurs are not supposed to do it all and how you can avoid that path. [31:56]

  • Why Teju’s first business went broke and the mistakes you can learn from. [33:43]

  • Hear more about Teju’s latest system. [35:50]

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