In this episode of Art of Authenticity, I had a deeply honest conversation with Daniel Jordi, entrepreneur and Managing Director of Leadership Bridge.

Today on the show we welcome Daniel Jordi. Daniel is the Managing Director of, which is a company that connects leaders, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, organizations, and partners to come together so that they can build and create new things.  It took Daniel many years to realize that he was much more than a networker – that he was a connector. Based on trust, intuition, and leading an authentic life – Daniel has developed a unique and creative business model that builds meaningful relationships. In today’s episode, Daniel shares, in the most honest way possible, his personal journey. One where he started as a real estate agent, then became a recruiter, until he eventually realized that his purpose was to be a connector. Despite having virtually no friends in school, Daniel became a person who brought others together through a deep understanding of himself. He began creating intimate meet up events that people wanted fly across the world to attend, which eventually led to his business model today. But underneath all of his accomplishments, was a yearning for self-knowledge, to trust his gut, to trust who he is and to really dial in to that inner intuition and let that be a guiding force in life. Great conversation about finding your purpose and fierce faith – take a listen!

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Show Notes

  • How Daniel got business people flying in from around the world for a drink at a bar. [4:40]

  • When Daniel started realizing that he was a connector. [9:30]

  • The difference between a networker and a connector. [12:23]

  • Building trust and an alignment of values as a connector. [16:30]

  • Trusting your gut and intuition above all else. [17:31]

  • Finding your purpose through nothing but fierce faith. [22:18]

  • The back story behind Daniel’s innovative business model. [28:40]

  • Realigning what you do with who you are, to live an authentic life. [33:27]

  • How two worlds need to come together for happiness and success. [35:40]

  • And much more!

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