In this episode of Art of Authenticity, we had a favorite interviewee back on, Kute Blackson, transformational coach and author.  

On today’s show we welcome Kute Blackson, Transformational Life Coach and author of the book

You A


The One


This guy just brings it. I really encourage you to check out this episode if you’re looking for a spiritual guided message, deeply engaged in this idea of authenticity. We discussed everything from why it is that multimillionaires, billionaires don’t feel happy, the wounds that need to heal before you can find what you love, what you need to be to be loved and what gets in the way. I mean, we just hit on all sorts of amazing topics and Kute speaks to each and every one of them, from a heartfelt, vulnerable and deeply passionate place. Keep listening!

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Show Notes

  • Reclaiming your power and taking responsibility. [2:53]

  • Why the wealthiest people aren’t always the happiest people. [8:37]

  • Living an authentic life and being in alignment with your core truth. [10:03]

  • The importance of knowing who you really are. [12:42]

  • Disconnecting from pain and forming masks & personas to feel validated and loved. [16:30]

  • Building your life and relationships on a foundation of truth and authenticity. [19:33]

  • Going through the process in order to be able to be yourself and feel alive. [22:23]

  • Following your heart even if you don’t know where you’re going. [25:20]

  • Joy: being in touch with the true spirit, the true essence, not based on external stuff. [28:19]

  • Kute’s humbling journey of writing his book. [31:20]

  • And much more!

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