In this episode of Art of Authenticity, we had an inspirational conversation with, Dr. Paul Sharad, geneticist and author.

Today on the show, we welcome Dr. Sharad Paul. Dr. Paul is a world-renowned geneticist and thought leader on the topic of genetics. Dr. Paul has discovered how to tap into genes to figure out who we really are, what makes us tick and how we can hack our own genetic codes to become the best version of ourselves. He is also the author of The Genetics Of Health, a book he wrote to help us take charge of our health by understanding the connection between our evolutionary past and our future wellbeing.

But what does it mean to think about genetics in terms of authenticity? How do we tie the way we are made, or our blueprint, into how we live and become our truer self – in our health, our life and our business? Dr. Paul has his MD, a Masters in Philosophy and Law and has some extremely thoughtful, human and personal perspectives on health. In this episode, we explore how ow our unique DNA effects the way we respond to everyday things like food, exercise, stress, prescription drugs and even coffee!

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Show Notes

  • Why genes are our blueprints and not our destiny. [3:00]

  • Paul’s thoughts on today’s trends and fads of health. [04:05]

  • What does it mean to eat for your gene type? [07:10]

  • The different types of gene testing and how they can benefit you. [10:27]

  • Is stress really one of the major reasons for illness in America? [12:16]

  • Why are modern humans today in a constant state of flight? [16:28]

  • The role of genetics versus the role of environment. [19:05]

  • Discover why Dr. Paul hasn’t had a sick day in over 30 years. [22:47]

  • Why medicine is not health: How we can take personal responsibility for our bodies. [26:08]

  • How the tango and line dancing can lower your risk of dementia. [29:50]

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