In this episode of Art of Authenticity, we had an inspirational conversation with, Jake Eagle Psychotherapist and coach. 

Today on the show we are joined by Jake Eagle. Jake is a licensed Psychotherapist for 25 years and now he coaches and mentors individuals and couples. He and his wife, Hannah, have created books, online courses, retreats, and programs. Hannah practiced classical Homeopathy for twenty years in New Mexico and now she provides alternative health consultations. Jake and Hannah have been happily married since 1993 and both love how easy their relationship has become. This is all due to the communication and relating skills they use on a day-to-day basis from the practice of Live Conscious.

Jake and Hanna bring about this very different view of relationships in their course, Dating, Relating and Mating, and they bring up this idea that it should be easy. You don’t have to push into your wounds to heal through your partner, that you actually should think about your values. I mean, what an idea, right? Before you get married, spending time to think about what your core values are and how they relate to the other person to determine if you are in fact compatible. I really enjoyed our conversation and I know you will, too.

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Show Notes

  • The first phase of dating and the difficulty of what that leads to later in the relationship. [5:45]

  • An overview of the dating, relating, and mating phases and what they should look like. [06:05]

  • Understanding the concept of presenting yourself for who you truly are; authentic self. [10:04]

  • Seeing life as an opportunity for growth and evolution, rather than making it difficult. [12:51]

  • Recognizing that we sometimes victimize ourselves when we really are not victims. [14:25]

  • An unusual view of relationships; the idea of being intolerant. [15:43]

  • The three keys for communicating through intolerance: perception language, witnessing. [18:13]

  • Forming high-level agreements for non-negotiable values for each person in the relationship. [21:04]

  • Breaking through the myth and understanding that love is not always enough to conquer all. [22:13]

  • Defining the act of love and how it is centered around reflecting back their inner beauty. [24:44]

  • Learning to heal and care for yourself through loving others, and letting others love you. [29:33]

  • Why authenticity requires presence and respectfully witnessing to yourself and others. [31:37]

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