In this episode of Art of Authenticity, we had an inspirational conversation with, Michelle Tillis Lederman.

Today we welcome Michelle Tillis Lederman. She is named one of Forbes top 25 networking experts, is the author of three books including

The 11 Laws Of Likability

and her latest,

Nail The Interview, Land The Job.

Michelle is the CEO of Executive Essentials, which provides custom communication leadership training and coaching programs. She has appeared on NBC, CBS, FOX, Skill King, PR, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Working Mother, US News and World Report and US Today, just to name just a few! In this episode, we walk through two of the

11 Laws Of Likability

and believe it or not, the very first law is all around authenticity. If you are struggling to make authentic connections or getting people to respond well to you or build the likability that you are looking for in your life, Michelle has very clear practical ways of thinking about authenticity in terms of likability. Today we touch on self-reflection, giving without expectation, and reframing what you feel you “have” to do. Keep listening!

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Show Notes

  • Moving from skills to passion: Michelle’s midlife crisis in her 20’ [3:34]

  • Why Michelle decided to hone in on the idea of likability. [7:50]

  • Michelle gives an overview of her book 11 Laws Of Likability.[9:19]

  • Why chapter one focuses on the law of authenticity. [10:10]

  • The difference between flexing and squashing your attributes. [16:40]

  • Reframing what we get to, want to, should do or have to do. [19:39]

  • The law of giving as the fundamental law to authentic connection. [27:20]

  • Why Michelle wrote Nail The Interview, Land The Job for veterans. [35:18]

  • Understanding that everything comes down to relationships. [37:34]

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