In this episode of Art of Authenticity, we had an inspirational conversation with, Bryan Reeves, relationship coach, blogger, and author.

Today we welcome repeat guest, Bryan Reeves. Bryan is a relationship ninja, coach, blogger and author and you can learn more about him and his personal journey in an earlier episode he did with us. But for today, we spend most of the time diving into what he calls the “Death Gap.” Some people are more inclined toward logic (masculine) and others more toward intuition (feminine) and Bryan describes the Death Gap as that space in a relationship where one person comes from a more logical place and the other person comes from a more intuitive place. The feelings versus the analysis that lets two people fall into a gap of disconnection in their relationship. We’ve all been there, right? I know I have. In this episode, Bryan walks us through how to avoid this disconnection and how to make the changes in the relationship that you want. This is a really insightful information that will help you in a relationship, or if you’re single, it will surely help you going into a relationship. Bryan gives us the specific tools and ideas to help us make those changes and become better communicators with our partners and even our family members, friends and colleagues.

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Show Notes

  • How Bryan went from the military to becoming a relationship coach. [2:50]

  • Why men continue to live in adolescence well into their forties. [5:20]

  • The intimate relationship as the catalyst for men’s inner crisis. [4:07]

  • What Bryan means by ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ energies. [7:30]

  • The values of masculine logic versus the values of feminine intuition. [10:17]

  • Are we using our logic to serve and act on our intuitive knowing? [14:27]

  • How the logical and the intuitive partner try to fix disconnect. [15:00]

  • What an intuitive partner needs to know about their logical partner. [16:30]

  • How to make your partner feel free rather than fearful. [17:14]

  • Why you need to avoid each other’s triggers in order to communicate effectively. [19:00]

  • Why It only takes one person to break the “Death Gap” cycle. [20:00]

  • Are you building a castle that has no life inside of it? [22:10]

  • Being comfortable with being uncomfortable in our feelings. [24:04]

  • Embracing difference: Communicating in a way that serves your partner. [31:30]

  • And much more!

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