In this episode of Art of Authenticity, we had a deep dive into meditation with Amy Owen, yoga teacher and dula. 

Today on the show we are joined by repeat guest, Amy Owen. Amy is a mother of three, a birth doula, a retreat leader, a yoga instructor at Yoga View in Chicago City, and has been practicing meditation since 1986. Amy came on the show a while back, where we had an amazing discussion on breathing correctly and we’ve invited her back to share her amazing insights. Although it may seem like a simple concept (breathing is something we do without even thinking after all!) but the truth is breathing can help tremendously with a range of things from anxiety to high stress. You can alter your entire nervous system just by altering your breath and learning how to breathe properly from somebody like Amy, can really change your life in a matter of twenty seconds. In this episode, Amy shares the basics of proper inhaling and exhaling and walks us through a few simple Prana breathing techniques that you can use to calm your mind and become more present in any given moment.

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Show Notes:

  • Learn why it is important to think about the way we breathe. [2:10]

  • Why most of us are shallow breathers only using 30% of our lung capacity in daily life. [3:40]

  • How deepening the breath can create vitality and energy. [4:34]

  • What happens when we bring our mind to our breath? [6:10]

  • Amy walks us through the basics of proper inhaling and exhaling. [6:40]

  • The importance of realizing that our breath starts in the belly. [6:57]

  • Amy’s tips for getting people to breathe in different directions. [8:30]

  • Finding a balance between energy and ease in your breath. [10:20]

  • Moving your breath into six parts of your body and envisioning the helium balloon. [10:50]

  • Join Amy in a simple breathing technique helpful for anxiety. [12:41]

  • Amy’s helpful breath tip before walking into any stressful situation. [15:27]

  • And much more!

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