In this episode of Art of Authenticity, we had a deep dive into meditation with Mike Bundrant, Coach, Therapist, and Founder of the INLP Center

Today on the show we welcome Mike Bundrant. Mike is the Founder of the iNLP Center and if you’re interested in coaching, or in neuro-linguistic programming in particular (which is the program I went through), this is an awesome school. Mike is here today to talk to us about a model from that program called the VAK Model, which stands for Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Pictures, sounds, and feelings all work together within us and this model really represents the science behind the Art of Authenticity – the intuition and the deeper sense of self. A lot of us are trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives and how we can live a more authentic life and this episode is really a deep dive into how to use the tools that are given to us: our feelings, our visual ability and our auditory ability to make decisions and move forward in life. All of us have a dominant component of these three and if we are unable to connect the Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic within us, it can lead to impulsivity and inauthentic decisions. Mike shares his insights on how we can use this information to our advantage and help us to navigate a life that feels truly authentic.

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Show Notes:

  • Learn more about the Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic components of self. [4:10]

  • Why one of the three components tend to be dominant for each individual. [5:30]

  • How to figure out which of the three components is more dominant for you. [6:00]

  • Connecting minds-eye images with feelings: How do we know what we truly want? [9:10]

  • Impulsivity and what happens when we shut out one of these three main channels. [10:40]

  • Creating balance between the three components of Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. [12:57]

  • The effect of fear, approvals and unprocessed feelings can have on our decisions. [18:30]

  • Distinguishing the difference between authentic feelings and irrational feelings. [19:50]

  • Tips for enhancing the visual processing component of one’s own life. [22:50]

  • Mike’s advice for tapping into these modalities to help us move forward in life. [27:20]

  • Why you’ll know you have the right image when it explains the symptom. [35:00]

  • And much more!

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