In this episode of Art of Authenticity, we had a deep dive into courage with Kate Swoboda, Coach, writer, and Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification. 

On today’s show, we have Kate Swoboda joining us. Kate is the creator of

, Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification at

and author of

The Courage Habit

. Kate is a writer and facilitator on the topic of habit-formation and psychological courage, where she particularly explores how these tools can be used for women’s wellbeing and leadership–at home, at work, and in our communities. In this episode, we are going to talk about courage, how to accept your fears, release the past, and live your most courageous life. A lot of people want to step forward and live a more authentic life, and Kate shares with us how courage plays a very large role in that experience. She lays it out in incredible detail, with a four-part process that she believes will help you step into the life that feels right for you. Kate has been featured in





USA Today



, and many other publications. I definitely learned a lot from this episode and I hope that you will too. Tune in to hear all about how you can take charge, seize your courage, and really grab ahold of that authentic life you’ve been dreaming of living.

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Show Notes:

  • Kate’s story on how she started her life’s work surrounding courage and fear. [2:16]

  • Understanding your willingness and tolerance to be in the discomfort. [5:02]

  • Learning to identify the gift that is revealed in hindsight of the discomfort and fear. [6:40]

  • Reasons why you should feel your feelings and strategies to face it. [10:10]

  • The predominant ways we deal with fear: avoid it, please it, or attack it. [12:35]

  • Courage habits and strategies for addressing your fear in the long-term. [13:22]

  • The four courage-based behavioral responses that replace fear-based patterns. [15:02]

  • Why fear is a wounded part of who we are and triggers self-preservation instincts. [17:22]

  • Understanding that fear is a primal response that overrides logic. [19:27]

  • Learning to access your body: mindfulness, conscious crying, dancing, cathartic exercise. [20:02]

  • How to listen to your fear: learning to recognize your fear pattern. [22:20]

  • Four predominant fear patterns: perfectionism, martyrdom, pessimism, self-sabotage. [24:16]

  • Why it is critical to take the time for cognitive reframing of limiting stories in your life. [26:36]

  • What it means to reach out and create community to help you cover your blind spots. [29:14]

And much more!

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