In this episode of Art of Authenticity, we had a conversation with Paul Jarvis, Writer, Designer, Podcaster, and Software Creator. His new book, Company of One 

In this episode of the Art of Authenticity, we are joined by Paul Jarvis, the author of the new book,

Company of One

. Paul has worked for himself and by himself for the last twenty years and is a strong believer that smaller businesses are the way of the future.  While he attempted to grow his company, as conventional thinking would suggest is the ‘right’ path for any company, Paul determined classic growth models weren’t authentic to him. His writing and ideas focus around the contrarian view that business growth isn’t always good, and isn’t always required. In our conversation, we cover some of the foundational aspects of his book and a few of the chapters on passion, goals, and achievable lists before Paul tells us all about how he stays motivated and energized. We also get into when to pursue something and when to quit, opportunities and obligations, and finally, we hear from our guest about his own ideas about what an authentic life means. For this great and honest conversation, be sure to tune in!His writing has been talked about by everyone from 

Ashton Kutcher


Arianna Huffington

. He’s worked with clients, such as Microsoft, Danielle LaPorte, Mercedes-Benz, Marie Forleo and Warner Music. His ideas and words have been featured in WIRED, Fast Company, Vice, USA Today and more.

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Show Notes:

  • Paul’s background and the ideas behind Company of One. [2:00]

  • Deciding not to grow through experimentation and doing the work. [5:46]

  • When passion is the problem and the lack of introspection. [9:30]

  • Incremental steps and Paul’s opposition to goals. [13:43]

  • Staying present through your ambitions. [15:02]

  • Achievable lists and acknowledging the setbacks in life. [16:32]

  • Busyness and maintaining energy levels. [18:44]

  • Finding your brand of success and knowing what you love. [21:13]

  • How Paul knows when to quit. [24:35]

  • Differentiating between opportunities and obligations. [28:11]

  • Your own unique authenticity and discovering your path. [29:40]

  • Paul’s own idea of an authentic life! [30:55]

  • Daily rituals and practices that have helped Paul. [33:42]

  • And much more!

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