In this episode of Art of Authenticity, we had a conversation with Jacqueline Sinclair, Artistic Director for the Joel Hall Dancers and Center.Jacqueline is the Artist Director at Joel Hall Dancers in Chicago and has pursued a life in dance as long as she can remember. We chat all about her journey to this point and the decisions she made along the way that have defined her. We also talk about finding the passion for dance in high school and her early and instinctual attraction to jazz.

Jacqueline repeatedly says that from that age she ‘just knew’ that dance is what she wanted to do and had to find a way to make this a reality. This ‘knowing’ that she refers to is difficult to pinpoint but is also something ever present in her life. She does identify the intuitive feeling and the influence that the act of dancing had on this intuition and she had serious epiphanies while actually dancing, accessing trance-like states and what she calls her sweaty realizations. For a tremendously inspiring conversation, be sure to join us!Jacki was a professional dancer for 28 years for the Joel Hall Dancers and Center. She is a teacher at Maine South and is now the newly appointed Artistic Director for Joel Hall. She has danced on countless stages in literally hundreds of performances.

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Show Notes:

  • How Jacqueline found dance and discovered her passion. [3:30]

  • Starting dance formerly and an immediate magnetism to jazz classes. [6:54]

  • The certainty and self belief that Jacqueline maintained. [9:06]

  • Realistic goals and the development of her career. [8:00]

  • The trance-like states that Jacqueline reaches through her art. [8:00]

  • Joel Hall and the movement of which Jacqueline is a part. [16:26]

  • The importance of discipline, sacrifice and work that goes into the passion. [21:38]

  • Immediately realizing that cosmetology was not the right fit! [23:30]

  • How Jacqueline put in the hard work and sold herself. [25:48]

  • Gut instincts, Akashic Records and instinctual and spiritual knowledge. [29:48]

  • The transition into the role of Creative Director at Joel Hall. [32:29]

  • Jacqueline’s own definition of an authentic life! [35:40]

  • Looking to the future with Joel Hall Dancers. [36:35]

  • And much more.

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