In this episode of Art of Authenticity, we had a conversation with Cal Callihan, Trader, Sport’s Team Owner, and Coach. Today we are so lucky and happy to have an old friend on the show, none other than Cal Callahan! Cal is here to talk about his authentic life and the journey that he has been on from leaving a high paying job on Wall Street, leaving Chicago for Austin to own and run an athletic team, to immersing himself in a spiritual and philosophical works.  Cal will be the first to admit that he has been through trials and tribulations on his life’s path, but wouldn’t have it any other way. We speak a lot about following your truth and intuition and becoming a spiritual warrior in the fight for authenticity.He has such a beautiful story and his honesty and openness blew me away and I am confident it will impact you as well.  There is so much wisdom and many nuggets of truth for all of our listeners in this conversation, so listen in close! We discuss cutting ties, moving on, fulfillment, and the amazing value of forgiveness and surrender. For all this and more, tune in to today’s episode!

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Show Notes:

  • Cal’s history and what he has been up to professionally. [3:08]

  • Risk taking, changing cities and Cal’s evolving mindset. [7:02]

  • Reasons that Cal initially went into investing and then exited. [8:50]

  • Tough decisions and listening to your heart and being. [15:18]

  • Balancing intuition and knowledge for a healthy future. [18:30]

  • When to grind and when to bounce. [19:57]

  • The never ending moving targets and hamster wheel. [23:08]

  • How Cal became a coach, moved to Austin and then pivoted. [24:30]

  • A new opportunity that was presented to Cal by his coach. [28:01]

  • What does success actually look like? [30:25]

  • Exercising mindfulness and implementing healthy practices properly. [34:16]

  • Cal’s power animal and the lessons he takes from this. [38:34]

  • Looking back at the particular arc of his learning. [40:59]

  • Forgiveness and the power of moving on from shame. [43:25]

  • The meditation practice that Cal has been using recently around redemptive love. [48:40]

  • Redefining success and opening your horizons. [51:35]

  • Cal’s definition of an authentic life! [53:02]

  • And much more!

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