In this episode of Art of Authenticity, we had a conversation with Hamilton Souther, CEO and Master Shaman

Our guest today is Hamilton Souther of Blue Morpho Tours! Hamilton has spent the better part of the last twenty years traveling inward and outward, exploring the Amazon and his and the greater consciousness and spirit. His tour company, Blue Morpho, offers spiritual journeys by way of plant medicines and is situated deep in the jungles of Peru. In our conversation, we cover all things shamanic, mystic and spiritual and Hamilton deftly articulates the sensitive and particular components of these concepts and his work. From assisting with addiction and depression to communicating with guides and energies, we cover it all! He takes us through some of the different plant medicines that are used and we also discuss his experiences as he trained to become a shaman. One of the big lessons that Hamilton has learned is about the congruency of beliefs and ideas that have traditionally been separated. He believes we can be all the things we need to be in a modern world and our business, health and spiritual aspirations are all compatible. For this fascinating conversation be sure to join us today!

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Show Notes:

  • Hamilton’s upbringing, studies and family life. [2:29]

  • Invoking spirit and Hamilton’s first experience. [5:22]

  • The years that followed meeting his spirit guides. [8:03]

  • Coming to terms with this shamanic awakening. [11:58]

  • An introductory definition of shamanism. [15:30]

  • Plant medicine and understanding its different levels. [19:22]

  • Blue Morpho Tours and a little bit about the experience they offer. [21:58]

  • The awakening of consciousness and realistic expectations. [27:38]

  • An ongoing process of awakening and steering away from the ego. [31:18]

  • The current projects and challenges facing Blue Morpho. [34:26]

  • Unifying philosophies that have traditionally been separated. [37:01]

  • Hamilton’s definition of an authentic life. [40:31]

  • Some of Hamilton’s daily practices. [41:52]

  • And much more!

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