In this episode of Art of Authenticity, we had a conversation with Silvy Khoucasian, relationship coach and founder of, Love with Integrity.Today we have a really special show in store for you! We welcome relationship coach Silvy Khoucasian to share her expertise and personal work with relationships. Silvy has her masters degree in psychology and is particularly interested and specializes in attachment and boundaries and how codependency arises in relationships. She helps clients to show up and stay authentic with their partners, a balance that most people will find to be a constant challenge, even with the best intentions. How do we negotiate selfishness, selflessness and offer and receive the security and comfort so many of us look for? In our conversation, Silvy does a great job of defining some of the important concepts at play, talks about the influence of family systems on our later life and identity definition and shifts in relation to someone else. We unpack the different styles of attachment and how to go about getting a map to your partner, knowing their biggest triggers and the continual task of compromise. For a truly enlightening chat with a wonderful and amazing guest, tune in today!

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Show Notes:

  • How the issue of codependency leads into the concept of boundaries. [3:41]

  • Identity, fear of abandonment and losing connection in a relationship. [6:15]

  • Attachment styles, their roots in childhood and how we emotionally regulate. [7:41]

  • Combinations and fluctuations in our attachment styles. [13:24]

  • Negotiating, limitations and finding a partner in the middle ground. [16:07]

  • Dealing with different responses and fostering willingness to change. [17:45]

  • Losing each other through the wrong approach to opposites and differences. [20:41]

  • The ever evolving concept of boundaries and learning tolerance. [23:38]

  • The opportunity for growth and how we can broaden ourselves through love. [27:02]

  • Seeking outside help and the wonderful gift of therapy and guidance. [28:23]

  • Key signs that you have healthy boundaries in your relationship. [31:46]

  • Practical tools against defensiveness and how phrasing can help. [34:10]

  • Red flags and early signs that a relationship is not worth working on. [35:09]

  • Dealing with shame, intense emotional experiences and give and take. [37:44]

  • The Boundary Program that Silvy has created as a framework. [41:34]

  • What an authentic life means to Silvy and the habits that help her maintain this. [43:07]

  • And much more!

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