In this episode of Art of Authenticity, we had a conversation with Dominick Quartuccio, Coach, Podcaster, Speaker, and Author

On today’s podcast, we welcome international speaker, author and executive coach, Dominick Quartuccio. He exchanged his 15-year corporate career in financial services for his passion, which is helping people to design futures that they can be excited about! In this episode, Dominick gets candid about his past struggles with addiction, describing how repressed emotions as a young boy eventually created a fracture in his identity, causing conflict between his public and private life. He talks about the terrifying experience of vulnerability when someone sees beyond that which is protected to the outside world and the role that genuine acceptance has played in helping him to remain authentic. We pivot to a discussion about the dangers of drifting, how to recognize when you are stuck in this state and what to do to get yourself back in alignment with your authentic self and living the life of your conscious choosing. For more on all these facets of self-development, check out his podcast Man Amongst Men and be sure to join us for this conversation!

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Show Notes:

  • The problem of defaulting into societal expectations of what a successful life looks like. [2:07]

  • How the belief that sexuality was sinful caused a division in Dominick’s identity. [4:35]

  • Finding excitement, danger and emotional release in his secret sexual life. [6:54]

  • Authenticity and the consequence of not being seen and valued as a child. [8:32]

  • The fear of vulnerability and the deep-rooted lie about being unlovable. [10:23]

  • How repressing natural desires and emotions turns into destructive behaviors. [11:20]

  • Working with high-performing people who appear to have everything together. [12:53]

  • Keeping in mind that living authentically is an ongoing process that takes time. [14:13]

  • Starting his self-development journey and the people and resources that helped him. [17:47]

  • Advice for listeners who need to rediscover their purpose and passion. [20:22]

  • The irony of slowing down to create more time and space and the danger of drifting. [23:53]

  • Drift: thinking that you are in command of your actions and habits when you’re not. [27:02]

  • Internal signals that show you are drifting, including a nagging sensation. [29:41]

  • The importance of having a self-care strategy and why it’s unique to each person. [31:00]

  • How someone’s acceptance of who he was allowed Dominick to remain authentic. [33:34]

  • More about his podcast Man Amongst Men and why it’s really for everyone. [35:11]

  • What happens when women constantly channel masculine energy to succeed. [38:46]

  • Conscious design and intentional actions as the foundations of an authentic life. [40:49]

  • The benefits of having morning and evening routines. [42:55]

  • And much more!

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