Laura Coe is at the forefront of a revolution, giving people first-row access to the ancient wisdom of the Akashic Records. The Nature of series offers the opportunity to learn about love and life in a way that’s profound, thought-provoking, and ultimately life-changing.

– Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned transformational teacher

Laura provided my team with an invaluable experience that will undoubtedly serve us well as we work towards our goal of an NCAA Championship. Her insights have helped our team members find a greater sense of confidence and purpose, allowing them to focus on things they are passionate about while encouraging them to work to actively eliminate some negative elements in their daily lives. We are looking forward to continuing our work with Laura in the future.

— Jay Tee, Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach, The University of Chicago

Our young son had been telling us for years that he has memories from Africa despite us never having been there or talked about it as a family. At first we thought he was just saying silly kid stuff from his imagination but it kept coming up so eventually we decided to do an Akashic reading with Laura. Personally I’m pretty skeptical of things like psychics and horoscopes so I went in open minded but cautious. However, the experience turned out to be absolutely mindblowing. Laura shared detailed accounts of past lives our sons spirit had lived, including the one that took place in Africa, and the amount of details that matched up with his own stories, as well as the experiences she relayed about him that align with his personality traits and tendencies, was nothing short of spookily uncanny. Beyond the magic of surprise, though, the experience was incredibly informative and actually gave us a lot of insight that we have been able to apply immediately to adjust the way we engage with our son and cultivate his development as a human in this life. I would do this 1000x again and believe that no matter how skeptical you are about the concept of getting a reading, that you at least try one for the experience. You might be surprised by what you find.

— Ted Gonder

What do I get from the records? The TRUTH. Told with so much love. It’s my soul talking to me. The message so resonates while being a total surprise. Always. And the language is beautiful. The records speak in symbols, poetic images, colors. Yet they are precise and true. Wise. They pierce through mist, confusion, smoke. But they don’t hit me. They envelop me in loving arms. They bring me home to myself. Home to my soul. The truth is kind, fierce and empowering. They give me space to breathe it all in, reconnect with myself and act from love.

— Magda

The underlying principle in all of Native American ritual is that of connection. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin , meaning the connection of all things mineral, animal, plant, human and of Spirit are all related. The Great Spirit, considered the Creator of all things, is the supreme deity of the Native American Indians. Tribes would call upon the Great Spirit, leaning on the wisdom of this deity to provide teachings, wisdom and guidance in order to live in harmony and in alignment for the greater good of their mission and the greater good of their community. We now live in an age where this deep connection has dissolved into a neglected resource. We have forgotten how to listen, feel and pay attention to the signs and guidance which already surrounds us. The Akashic Records is a modality used to reestablish this connection. An abundant resource available to us provided by the Great Spirit for guidance and clarity aiding in the steps of our healing and aligning us with our soul purpose. A modality that has continued to align me with my highest self, providing me with the information and messaging I need to live within my fullest potential. Also allowing me to better understand and appreciate the process of my own spiritual awakening. Shedding light on what my mind is not capable of fully understanding or comprehending. Knowing I am always supported and able to seek this guidance throughout each chapter of my journey.

— Torrie

When Laura came into my life, I had heard of the Akashic Records, but wanted to learn more. I was feeling a bit lost and not sure “who I wanted to be when I grew up,” even though I’m over 50. My first session with Laura blew me away. The beautiful imagery she shared that portrayed my emotions was remarkable. Laura was able to articulately interpret the imagery as well as ask all the right questions to understand what it all meant. She gave me the language, that I couldn’t find in myself, to express my feelings, hopes, and desires. I have had many sessions with Laura, each giving me guidance in a different aspect of my life. I have often referred back to her insight and findings as I’m sorting through how I want to live my life and be the best version of myself.

— Rachel

Being introduced to the Akashic Records by Laura has been life changing. The readings she has done for me have answered long held questions, showed me next steps in business and have given me peace from some painful times in my past. To me the records access a place we inherently know is there but don’t know how to get to. Laura’s gift to access the records and translate their meaning in her straightforward, gentle manner is why I continue to come back. I’m a believer in the power the Akashic Records hold and their ability to shine a light on our past, present and future.

— Josh